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Becoming a world class
Process driven company

Only a structured approach can help to build a system, placing proper system will increase the productivity, this energy will convert into proven results

We are into IT consultation & customer experience provider. We build applications that automate your business & increase the productivity. Our strategic planning will boost your business process & structure the system. The customer journey is critical to your business, so we like to use very calculated methods to make sure you achieve your goals. We analyze your business operations to create an envision plan by defining the required process and work flows by identifying the blind spot.

The core intention is to work with brands like a partner to transform their businesses and make sure our involvement had produced good results. Automation is all about personalization, customization, Segmentation and optimization which leads to leverage the client business expansion.

“We are a complete Software development,
IT Consulting & Offering Digital marketing solutions that
brings brands & customers closer together through
automation and rich media solutions. That brings digital
experiences, impacting consumer decision”.

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Ready for Descience?

I have been involved in different projects for major businesses across Asia-Pacific regions and when it comes to IT, the team at Touchmark Descience is the best that I have worked with.

They are efficient and use best practices in the industry to make sure they produce quality results. Their agile approach really helped us a lot.

I would recommend them to anyone.
JK Saravana

Chairman & Founder, Tantra Inc – Group of Companies