Limitations of Service & Customer support

Touchmark Descience Pvt Ltd will configure and submit for publishing an app using a software-as-a-service model, which will be approved by you prior to being made available to the general public via the appropriate app store outlets. The purpose of the app will be to provide a conduit of client communication through push notifications, promotional content, and loyalty promoting functions. You understand that the app and its functions will only be available to those clients that choose to download it to their mobile device. Touchmark Descience Pvt Ltd does not make any explicit or implied guarantee to increase or improve the quality of your customer base, business income, retail traffic, or online presence. Touchmark Descience Pvt Ltd will provide a ‘customer portal’, which will allow alteration of the contents of the app by you, at your direction. By entering into this agreement, you agree and understand that the updating of this ‘in-app’ content by you will be of great importance and will impact the usefulness and relevance of the app to your clients. By entering into this agreement, you understand that in order for the app to be downloaded by your clients, it will require promotion to raise their awareness of the app, which will be performed and underwritten by you. Touchmark Descience Pvt Ltd will provide recommendations on methods to increase your client’s awareness of the app but implementation of these recommendations will be at your discretion and expense and will not guarantee to provide any increase in download rate. Touchmark Descience Pvt Ltd will provide QR codes, which will link to the download function provided by the appropriate app store for your app. Your implementation of these QR codes in promotional materials and/or advertising will be at your discretion and expense. You understand that the content of the app will be hosted on an internet-based server and therefore will make the functioning of the app dependent on the client mobile device having a reliable and sufficient connection to the internet.

Customer satisfaction Guarantee Terms

Every effort will be made by Touchmark Descience Pvt Ltd to provide customer satisfaction. However, if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your mobile application within the first month of service, Touchmark Descience Pvt Ltd guarantees to refund the first month of service and terminate your contract time commitment with no questions asked. Touchmark Descience Pvt Ltd is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our technical support team is available from 9:30AM to 6PM during business days. Customers can email to for any sort of external technical support

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